Customer Dashboard

This dashboard contains helpful information for prospective and current LibraryH3lp customers. We recommend that you follow us on Twitter as we tweet system status messages. You can also check out our blog to learn about new features as they are released.

Getting Started

When you sign up for a trial, you'll receive a Welcome email containing your top-level admin username and a code snippet that you can cut and paste into any web page to get started. Our Zero to Hero (Getting Started) series is a great starting place. Plus we offer comprehensive documentation and a FAQ as well.

Use the admin dashboard to manage your service (creating other users, creating queues, designing chat boxes, monitoring system activity, running reports).

Use the webclient for staffing or any Jabber chat client (like Pidgin, Adium, Trillium, Xabber, AstraChat, etc) to actually staff your service.

Use the standalone 3mail app to check 3mail without needing to log into chat.

Use the standalone Sharing Tool to create snapshots, screencasts, and slideshows outside of chat.


  • Pam, Amy and Sheila handle day-to-day support through email, phone, and chat. Contact info is listed below. This includes questions about your account or for assistance troubleshooting any specific issues.
  • We use our blog for detailed announcement of important new features and more formal communications.
  • Twitter provides system status updates. This is for quickly spreading word of known problems, announcing new features, and sharing any time-sensitive information. Want the system updates but don't use Twitter? The Twitter account has an RSS feed so you can subscribe to it in any RSS reader. If you want SMS, e-mail, or other kinds of notices of activity on the Twitter feed, check out Twilert.